What is it that we actually want and how are we going to get it?

In her latest blog, Manchester resident Dr Sophie King, from the University of Sheffield, points to DivaManc as one of a number of small scale initiatives in the city to be learnt from in trying get where we want to go in Greater Manchester.

Her blog reflects on three big questions:

  1. How do we create a society which provides time and space as well as access to an adequate standard of living for people to engage in politics and accept responsibility for leadership beyond a wealthy educated elite?

  2. How do we create a political system that removes the need for leadership to be so individualised and gives people meaningful opportunities to influence the decisions and policies that shape our experience of life?

  3. What is it that we actually want as a society – in the UK, in Greater Manchester, in our local neighbourhoods? How do we want decision-making to work? Through what processes can the many different members of our richly diverse society find answers to these questions that meet some common goals?


You can read her full blog here.

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