The conversation so far and next steps

Thank you to everyone who has engaged so far, we are loving all the ideas, support and discussion ‘DivaManc’ has provoked.

What are we seeking to achieve?...

DivaManc Mission: ‘Bringing women together, informed and organised to help shape a devolution in Greater Manchester that works for all

DivaManc Strategy: Conversation, Connection, Collaboration and Change

Taking devolution out of town halls and into the community; Engaging more women from diverse range of backgrounds across Greater Manchester in devolution; Helping women to inform devolution process and agenda; Co-designing structural and systemic change in Greater Manchester

DivaManc Values: We want ‘DivaManc’ to live and breathe these values: diversity, inclusion, openness, equality, accountability and deep democracy

Who are we?,,,,

We are women who live, work, study and/or care in Greater Manchester. If ‘we’ remains just the five women (Eve, Amanda, Vera, Carmel and Angeliki) who dreamt up ‘DivaManc’ around a kitchen table one evening, then we won’t achieve very much. We've made a start and sown a seed - squeezing conversations, research event planning, media interviews and web design around our work, family and lives - but we want to see this flourish and deliver and to do so it must grow.

If ‘we’ is the growing number of women who have given this some attention and been inspired to get involved in some way, then we believe ‘we’ can achieve great things.

So, if you share our values and care about the DivaManc mission then we’d love you to join us on this journey. Help us carve out a path, learning and sharing as we go. There is no fee, no membership, no hierarchy or commitment, just a will to give what you can, when you can.

Next steps...

We’re excited and inspired by the response to our initial event, and keen to keep the conversation moving. We’ve been busy reflecting on all the conversations we’ve had so far and on next steps. We’ve made a start at identifying some priorities but it is a work in progress. Below is a starter for ten on next steps....

Moving it on step by step.

Step two

We will:

  • Share people’s wishes, ideas, links, activities, images and blogs via the website. You can also add your comments directly via the appropriate page on the site.

  • Search out other projects, information, events, consultations relating to devolution and women in Greater Manchester and add links on our website.

  • Help connect people who may want to work together on a particular project or activity so they can buddy up work together

  • Host further gathering on 10 November 2016 and again in January and March.

  • Explore and share fun and effective ways to engage, include, pull together and organise women in our communities, workplaces and townhalls so we can work together to help inform, shape and design a Greater Manchester Devolution that works for all.

  • Develop a toolkit that women across Greater Manchester can use to spark discussion about devolution within new or existing spaces and to effectively facilitate collaboration.

  • Provide support where possible to help more women organise, promote and facilitate further events.

  • Work alongside others to challenge the lack of representation of women in decision making at all levels across Greater Manchester and change the picture for good.

  • Promote all DivaManc and related activities and champion DivaManc campaign(s) via social media #DivaManc, the website, email shoutouts and the growing network.

Some ideas of things you can do:

if you have a few minutes..

  • Think like a detective - ask questions of DevoManc – follow the links to find out more, participate in consultations online and locally.

  • Speak to other women you know or bump into about devolution and ways to get involved. Seek out opportunities to share and discuss with other women in your family, community, place of work/study/training.

  • Share your wishes, ideas, actions, images and any links to further information/opportunities via the relevant pages on the website or email us.

if you have a few hours..

  • Share your experiences, thinking, ideas in any way that suits you e.g. writing, drawings, photos, art, dance, film.. please pass on for us to share via the blog and website.

  • Come to further events, encourage others to come and help ensure diverse and multicultural voices are heard.

  • Look out for new ideas that emerge on the website, lets us know which ones you like and if you can help make them happen.

  • Bring DevoManc to your local community - share, talk about in everyday places where women go.

if you are inspired to get more involved..

  • Identify a personal DivaManc goal and share with other women, via us or within your existing network. Look for opportunities to work together with others on a shared project to help make it happen. Think about who you know that may be able to help and let us know if you want us to help connect you up.

  • Share your ideas via the website and let us know if you can help make ideas happen.

  • Bring DevoManc to your local community - share, talk about in everyday places where women go.

  • Organise a conversation, event or activity and let us know what help you need along the way to help support and promote.

  • Let us know if you can help support our core activities in some way. Eg. data entry, website development, infographics, press releases, research, facilitation, illustrations, creative projects…. We are all doing this as volunteers in and around other commitments. People can give what they can, when they can.

If between us, we can bring together women, from all walks of life - to talk, dream, design and organise - we know this can be a great force for change across Greater Manchester.

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