First DivaManc event fully booked within 48 hours!

Women clearly do want to be part of the DevoManc debate and to help shape the future of Greater Manchester.

The first DivaManc event has been fully booked within 48 hours, even after we released further places to try and accommodate as many people as possible. It's going to be cosy! 50 women were quick to sign up and others have been messaging us to say they were disappointed to have missed out.

We are feeling really excited about the buzz this has created and the possibilities that can flow....

The attention the event has attracted and sense of heightened expectations leaves us as organisers all the more determined to ensure that not a drop of potential is wasted. People's time and attention is precious and women in particular tend to have the most demands on their day to day lives. News that it has been booked out was followed by a flurry of emails between our team to check who is doing what, whether we've got the agenda right and whether we could squeeze in a final planning session before the event!

Nerves are inevitable but I ultimately believe that if we provide a good space for women to meet and talk about what they care about magic will flow...

"All change starts when people get together and talk about the things they care about. We move in the direction of the questions we ask", Margaret Wheatley

We want people to leave the session feeling energised, excited about what can be achieved and able to go take a first step, individually or collectively, to make positive change to improve the experiences of women, and people as a whole, who live, work, care or study in Greater Manchester.

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