'Redesigning GM that works for women'


51% of GM population are women, yet key services are all too often designed by men with gendered tools and perspectives.. Message DivaManc team

Improving life for teenage girls.

Message Lindy

Co-develop a Women's Charter for Greater Manchester.  Message Eve

Increasing women's representation at the highest levels in political structures. 

Message Grace 

Using 'What You Want' postcards developed by Women's Equality Party.

DivaHack day/weekend.  Bring diverse people & skills together to hack for gender equality.  E.g gather data, images, prototypes.... looking for people, ideas and resources to help make it happen.  

Message Eve

BAME inclusion and representation. 

Message Amna

Starting conversations, through events, existing groups/channels, in public spaces,  'bumping in' places -

Message Elaine

Media & promoting women in the Northern Powerhouse

Message Nicole

Transport - safe, reliable cheap ways for women to get around.

Message DivaManc team

Developing divamanc toolkit - explaining devolution, and potential risks and opportunities for women.  Where do women feature in process & decision making.  Message DivaManc team​ 

Supporting women's return to work with children. 

Message Dena

Women's services

Message Michelle

Tackling isolation

Message Lillian

Work and income

Message Carolyn

Valuing care

Message Lesley

Intergenerational women's 'project'

Message Poland

Mental health

Message Carmel

Informing People's Plan for Greater Manchester. 

See website

Group of women to travel across Greater Manchester by bus and live stream, tweet...vblog as they go.  

Message Amanda


Putting the Diva into DevoManc

Signatory of European Charter & set up an 

Independent Women's Commission (learn from Bristol).   Message Eve

Women in Brexit negotiations.

Message Diane

Intergenerational women's 'project'

Message Poland