Putting the Diva into DevoManc

Do you dare to dream of a better way of doing things?  Can you imagine a better Greater Manchester?  Do you want to help re-design a devolution that works for all? These are the wishes people have shared so far via our events and website. 

A devolution that reflects the radical energy in Greater Manchester and the North - not reflected in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’’ or ‘DevoManc’,

Sue, Manchester


  • Advocacy

  • No ceiling on opportunities to improve quality of life for people with disabilities

  • Access to free legal advice / Legal aid

  • Women's rights 

  • Violence against women - ending violence as a priority and investing in support services 

"I hope that we can be a city with strong communities and a good quality of life . Let this be a happy place to live . Specifically I would love to see affordable community finance become more supported and more easily accessible."

Economics - putting well-being of people first…

  • More happy people

  • To be recognised as being bigger than economic growth

  • ‘It’s all about the money, money, money - NOT!’

  • Infrastructure for care

  • Universal basic income

  • Compassion

  • Equality

  • Clean energy - radical

  • Flexible working

  • Women supporting women in the workplace

  • ‘Why can’t we be like women in workplace?!’

  • Better childcare for women and men

  • Job opportunities for younger people

  • Support small businesses

  • Better pay for care services

"I am inspired by the real people of Manchester, but their interests seem to come second to the grand plans. I love grand plans but they should be shaped by more of us.

Share your ideas for future of Greater Manchester More connectivity from the outlying wards & boroughs to the centre. More digital support & skills for people of all ages.", Coral, Manchester

"I am concerned about it becoming a battle between health and social care for who has control over or most need of the money. We need to see whole system change with egos put to one side and a long term view. Investment in services or people is always short term - leaders want to see results within their elected period or time at the top of organisations. We need to look at investments in preventative measures (health, education and social) which may not see a return for another 25 years but which will ultimately bring about massive change and massive economic and societal benefits."

Senior manager with an NHS Community Healthcare provider.'   Paula, Rochdale

Combined Health and social care

  • Proper investment

  • Stop cuts to mental health budget, Women’s services

  • Greater consistency across boroughs, more unity, more resources so services can work effectively.

  • Concerns about one hospital service?

  • Public health services not to be cut - universal services

  • Better pay for care services

  • Address gender imbalance in NHS, care sector - a few blokes at the top and LOADs of women underneath

  • Genuinely person-centred care -  wrap around services

  • Learn from the great local examples across GM as to what can be done and scale up.


"Need more inclusion for disenfranchised. Need to have fairer education chances for all kids. Need emphasis on good care for elderly and lonely. Need more engagement and encouragement for sharing and support from everyone - not just professionals."  

Rene, Trafford

Education and training


  • Consideration as to whether it would be good for post-16 education to be looked after by devomanc - hope that education stays at core not business.

  • Investment in youth people - youth service and local youth provision. Importance of youth projects, services, centres, schemes and inter-generational work.

"I'm passionate about ensuring it's a great place for my children to grow up on. Love Inclusive communities.  Opportunities for learning,  career options.  A pleasant place to live, play and work." Stockport


  • Better reliable, cheaper transport links - that work for everyone and support more people to cycle (improved cycle facilities, more and wider cycle lanes, park and cycle schemes, bike only centre)

  • Re-regulate buses

  • Address pollution issues

  • Smart card for transport

  • View and design from a woman's experience 


  • Cleaner green spaces

  • Clean energy

  • Protection of and creation of green spaces / green infrastructure (needs long term investment)

  • Public spaces provide important meeting points for women, parents, communities

  • More women friendly activities in parks

Housing that works for everyone

  • Homes for all

  • Housing where people want to live

  • No VAT on property

  • repairs/ renovations of empty properties

  • 3rd age hostelling and housing

  • Sparkle housing co-operative

  • Sanctuary - housing solutions

  • Full support to enable people to access supported housing

'Where women finally get an equal stake in the brokerage of power in the region . I think together we can bring a new perspective than many of the "pale, male & stale stalwarts who dominate the public sector '

Connected, collaboration, working smarter for the greater good of our residents!

Much more needs to be done to ensure that female voices are heard in initiatives that are likely to affect them more than anyone. Public services transformation, particularly around children's services, should include broad consultation with female experts, politicians, business people and members of the public to ensure we create better and more inclusive policy moving forward.

Grace, IPPR

Strong Northern pride, connectedness and communities

  • Systematic change focused on connection and inclusivity

  • Connected voices across the North (including Greater MCR, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds…)

  • Local cultural services - libraries, galleries, parks

  • Local pride

  • To connect different groups and ages of people to talk about change

  • Inclusive and diverse. Increase voice of disabled women.

  • Mentoring opportunities for women

  • GIving women a bigger profile - no committees, less bureaucracy

  • Strong, resilient communities with investment devolved to them

  • Recognise isolation - particularly felt by women - and find ways to tackle

  • Investment in youth service and local youth provision

  • Engaging with women where they actually go - not townhalls, but cafes, house meets, pubs, libraries…

  • Understand what local communities need

  • Politicians to listen to communities

It should be fully inclusive with opinions sought from all levels. Opportunities to feed into decision making is important but should take account of working hours and childcare needs when trying to find a suitable, local option. Health and social care is a priority and we have the chance to make this area an internationally recognised flagship for Greater Manchester. Equality - gender, racial, beliefs, all other types - should underpin every decision made.

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